Event Horizon Launched in Hong Kong

We are excited to announce the launch of Event Horizon Hong Kong, curated by Giant Communications’ Managing Director, Cassius Taylor-Smith.

Event Horizon | presented in Hong Kong by the British Council, 2015 | Photography by Oak Taylor-Smith

Event Horizon | presented in Hong Kong by the British Council, 2015 | Photography by Oak Taylor-Smith

Event Horizon by British artist Antony Gormley officially launched on 19 November, and will be a part of the Hong Kong cityscape for six months, until 18 May 2016. The most extensive public art installation ever seen in the city, Event Horizon brings Hong Kongers a chance to see and interact with a world renowned art project and delight in being the Asian city of choice for the arts – changing the face of contemporary art in the city forever while paving the way for public art.

During the launch ceremony at Statue Square Gardens, Antony Gormley said: “I am delighted to see that Event Horizon is launched in Hong Kong. Event Horizon captures the particular time of a particular body: a subjective place. The principle dynamic of the work is the relationship between imagination and the horizon, involving the citizen in a game of seeking and perhaps finding. Beyond those figures that you can actually see, how many more are out of sight? Where is the meeting place of earth and sky? Event Horizon engages Hong Kongers in the desire to look up and look again at familiar places in a new way, inviting reflection on human nature and our place in the wider scheme of things.”

Antony Gormley continues in his thank you note to the team, “Cassius came to see us at the studio just before Christmas in 2012, asking do you think it would be possible to install the work in Hong Kong. And now, three years later, we’ve done it. Cassius, I cannot thank you enough. You’ve been absolutely fantastic as a partner. There were moments when any sane person would have given up, but he didn’t. He never gave up the vision. I doubt in my life I would come upon somebody with your determination.”

Event Horizon | presented in Hong Kong by the British Council, 2015 | Photography by Oak Taylor-Smith

Event Horizon | presented in Hong Kong by the British Council, 2015 | Photography by Oak Taylor-Smith

Presented by British Council Hong Kong with support from lead partner the K11 Art Foundation (KAF), Hong Kong is the first Asian city to stage the installation following presentations in London, Rotterdam, New York, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Event Horizon is thirty-one sculptures installed at both street level and building tops across a kilometre wide zone of Central and Western district. In an age in which over half of the human population of the planet now lives in cities, the installation encourages people to question how the individual responds to the built environment.

The most extensive city-wide public art project in Hong Kong will focus the public’s attention on the urban environment and the design of their city, as well as their interaction with it, as they catch sight of, search for and engage with the collection of sculptured figures standing on roof tops and at ground level.

The installation is complimented by a strong education and outreach programme, which includes dedicated activities and support tools for students, teachers and the general public. For details of all Event Horizon education and outreach activities in Hong Kong, visit www.eventhorizon.hk.

Download High Resolution Images of Event Horizon in Hong Kong (121MB)

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